Do you wish you had a reliable and affordable plumber you could call? Do you think your current plumber is not giving you the service you deserve? Well, look no further!  

We are your one-stop shop for quality installations and repairs of all things Plumbing and Gas! 

Our business is dedicated to providing local Hopkinton,Holliston,Upton and other Metro West area residences and businesses with plumbing services of the highest quality, at truly competitive prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and it shows as we are a 2013-2014 Super Service winner from Angies List.  Less than 5% of nationally listed companies on Angies list receive this award!
By keeping the plumbing business small and nimble we keep operating costs low and pass that savings on to the customer.  We are small enough to remember your name, and big enough to handle any plumbing or gas problem you may have.  Peter Zereski Plumbing and Heating is fully licensed and insured in the state of Massachusetts.

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Check out this tiny H.E. Navien ch-240-ASME combination boiler and on demand tank-less water heater!

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2014 Massave & Gasnetworks rebate amounts have been released!
My heating system is old and I cannot afford a new one right now!
Relax! If you live in Massachusetts there are some great programs that offer rebates and 0% interest loans for the installation of new high efficiency home heating equipment and its not too late to get the ball rolling!!!  Visit  For more information about 0% loans for heating systems from Massave.     
Gas Company Boiler Rebates $1200+$225
Anyone switching from an old standard/low efficiency gas boiler to a new High Efficiency Gas Navien Combination On Demand Boiler in 2014 is eligible for a $1200 gas company rebate on the boiler plus an additional $225 for our aftermarket outdoor temperature sensor.
Gas Company Hot Water Heater Rebates
Water heater rebates are for replacement of any existing gas or electric hot water heater.  A Navien High Efficiency on Demand Hot Water Heater is eligible for a $500 Gas Company Rebate.  Hot water storage tanks (also called, Indirect Hot Water Heater) have a $400 rebate from the gas company.  

 Boiler installations generally take 3-4 days to complete and we can do them anytime of year so, if you have been on the fence about a new heating or hot water system its still a great time to buy.
If you purchase your new heating system from Zereski Plumbing, you will be supplied with a hot water heater and suplimental space heaters to minumize the disruption to daily life during the installation of new equipment.  This is something only Zereski Plumbing is doing for our customers at no aditonal cost.  Call or E mail to see what rebates you might be eligible for in 2014! 

How long do you think our heating system and/or hot water heater will last?
So old rusty held out for another year, great!  You know she's getting old, but maybe she'll last one more winter?  People ask us this type of thing all the time and the fact is that without fairly obvious signs of imminent failure, I am just making an educated guess based on age and condition.  The people who do home inspections for home buyers found another way to gauge the "value" of an existing heating or hot water device for the purpose of selling a house.  If your boiler is over 5 years old, or your water heater more than 6 years old, than it would be considered "fully depreciated" by a home inspector.  This means that the boiler or water heater has lived out its useful intended warrantee life expectancy. Even though it may be perfectly operational for years, it would be considered a potential problem and liability to someone who might want to purchase your home, according to home inspectors.  Also many people assume that if their heating or hot water heater failed and leaked that their home owners insurance will pay to replace the failed unit.  This is usually not the case.  If your heating system or hot water system fails, most homeowners policies only cover the subsequent water damage, but not the appliances themselves, especially if they are more than a few years old and past the manufacturers warrantee period. 
Heating and hot water systems are easy to take for granted, until they don't work.  Don't wait until the system fails to start looking for a new one!  Planning ahead will save you money and aggravation down the road. With gas company rebates and federal tax incentives a new high efficiency heating and hot water system costs about the same or less than a low or standard efficiency system and takes up far less space and with 0% interest loans from Massave a new heating system could cost only a couple hundred dollars a month. 

Heating systems and hot water production systems always fail when under the most strain.
  So that's usually winter, holidays or when you have company over.  People think its just "Murphy's Law" or bad luck, but in reality it makes perfect sense that it would fail at the worst possible time.  Now in 2013 the gas company is offering $1200 rebates for high efficiency combination boilers and hot water heating systems like the one shown in the video near the top of this page.  Some people will also qualify for a $300 credit on their income tax return.  We also install aftermarket outdoor re-set controls on all of our Navien combination boilers, which may qualify some installations for an additional $225 rebate.  Don't wait until your heating system goes to start looking at what options are best for you, or you may find yourself at the mercy of a big yellow pages advertising company built to take advantage of people in an emergency situation.  I walk into many homes where people have had a boiler installed during the winter by a big 24 hour service company and I am always shocked to hear what it cost for that "emergency service installation".  Yellow pages emergency service companies have to buy and store boilers and hot water heaters before people need them.  This means more overhead costs for that company, which translates into higher costs to the customer.  They also have to pay employee's overtime and holiday/weekend pay to install the product, this cost is also passed on to the consumer.

Tired of lugging that Poland Spring bottle into the house?
If you have ever had to change out the bottle on a water cooler, you know how much fun that is.  First take the old one off throw it in the pile of other empty bottles. Then lug the new one in from the garage and up the stairs.  Grab that 50 pound jug of water and quickly flip it over and drop it onto the cooler...oooops!  You missed! Now there's water all over the floor, get the mop. whoops, your toddler just ran through the puddle and is now jumping on the couch with wet socks.  Aghhhh! what a hassle!   Not to mention the space the bottles take up, the cost of the water and damage to the environment from not re-using water bottles.  Stop the madness!!! Have Zereski Plumbing install a reverse osmosis (R.O.) water filter in your home and never pay for bottled water again.  They can be added just about anywhere, but usually to the kitchen sink area and/or hooked up to your refrigerators water and ice dispenser.  RO filtered water is the purest water you can get, period.  Its used by the military on a large scale for desalination of sea water and it costs less than you think.  Do yourself and the environment a favor and call Zereski Plumbing for a free estimate on a RO filter installation.

What is a Mechanical system?

A mechanical system is a general term for the machines, appliances and systems that keep your house warm in winter and cool in the summer and make your hot water for bathing.

Systems that use oil...

If you have an oil fired anything, you really need to have that oil fired system checked and maintained on a regular basis because oil systems require more maintenance than gas burning appliances.  If your boiler is over 6 years old you might consider signing up for a service contract with your local oil supplier.   Often these contracts involve paying a couple hundred dollars a year for general maintenance.  Some oil companies also offer a general system insurance plan.  

Systems that use natural gas...

Most natural gas and propane fired equipment need very little maintenance compared to oil systems, but should still be checked at least yearly to prevent problems and catch little things before they turn into big problems.

High Efficiency Systems....

High efficiency gas systems need more maintenance than older less efficient gas systems.  If you have a high efficiency boiler, on demand hot water heater or combination unit it should be checked every six months.  Certainly no less than once a year to keep things working smoothly. 

Don't ignore maintenance and repairs....

Be proactive about problems when they are first discovered, small leaks turn into bigger ones, its just a matter of time!  Also dealing with problems before they are an emergency always costs less.  So if you know that no qualified person has looked at your mechanical systems in a few years, than consider having a scheduled maintenance check up.  Also finding parts for units over 7 years old can take 2-3 days depending on the brand.  So its far less disruptive to order the parts that can be seen wearing out, than wait until they break and have the unit out of commission while waiting for new parts.  Suppliers generally stop keeping spare parts on the shelf for models over five years old.  This means they have to be ordered from the manufacturer and be air shipped. Zereski Plumbing and Heating offers many maintenance services for gas appliances, so if its been a while since any maintenance has been performed, or that bucket under a drippy pipe is filling up faster, you should contact us for a service check up.

Did you know???

Did you know that audible sounds of water moving through your heating system indicates a problem?  That's right, if you can hear water flowing through the pipes when the heat comes on than you may have air in the heating system.  Air in hydronic heating systems chokes efficiency, burns out circulators and usually means you have at least one small leak in the system.  So if that boiler is covered in rust, its time to call us!  Water on the floor?  Call before there's more!